About us

65 years of tradition and quality

Zitosrem is headquartered in Indjija and established in the year of 1956 as a socially-owned legal entity.
During the time of privatization, in 2002, it becomes a joint-stock company with 100% of stock capital. where owners of the majority of the capital are employed in Zitosrem.
Main activities of the entity include: roduction of milled products,storage and commerce of grains, services related to the grain storage.
Zitosrem also owns an operation for animal food production which is in the market known as ‘Zdravka’, located in Ljukovo.
Thanks to the tradition and large experience, we managed to ensure top quality of our products and services that we offer.
Trust of big number of customers and multiple medals at agricultural fairs represent a reward for our effort.

In the beginning of 2009 we received an internationally accepted certificate From Evrocert and Qualitz Austria according to HACCP system and standard ISO 22000 for:

  • Grain storage
  • Production of milled products
  • Production of the special whole wheat stone-ground flour
  • Animal food (total and complementary mixtures for ruminants and non-ruminants)

Our aim is to maintain the quality of existing production and adopt new technologies in order to continue working for our own and for the satisfaction of our customers.

Grain storage

Receiving and storing grains is one of the most important activities in Zitosrem.

Wheat’s quality and health safety are not important only for our own production (milled products, bakery and confectionery products, animal food), but also for our customers who buy all of our products. This is ensured by storage in controlled and optimal conditions, with an optional drying. Our aim is to first collect sufficient amounts of the highest-quality wheat and corn, then, with an expert knowledge, turn them into a chain of technologically flawless shapes and products, for the satisfaction of our customers.

Partnerships and constant education of suppliers in terms of assortments and technology of cultivating wheat provide a possibility to significantly affect the quality of raw materials.


Silos are located in Indjija and Novi Karlovci while the repurchase is organized throughout the whole municipality area (at our repurchase locations in Krcedin, Novi Slankamen, Surduk, Ljukovo) and even wider, through a network of partner companies.
Silos have two filling pipes, two weighbridges and all equipment needed for a controlled storage.
Due to the constant quality control of stored goods and monitoring condition of grain mass, the risks of storage losses are ruled out.
The reception capacity is 3,500 tones in 24 hours, and the delivery capacity is slightly lower.


Dryer for grains has the nominal capacity of 32 tones per hour and is within the silos.
It allows for drying large amounts of grains during the repurchase season to avoid creation of “uska grla” at the reception.
In combination with silos’ newest generation aspirations, as a result we are getting dry grains and thus, create prerequisites for a longer preservation of manufactured products.

Grocery production

Every good product starts with high-quality and carefully selected raw materials. For our flours, we designate only the best wheat from our silos, controlled and well-known for its quality. For that reason, Zitoserm’s milled products have been known for their quality for decades.

years of experience

hectares of fertile, arable soil

tons of silos capacity


Wheat mill has a capacity of 120 tones/24 hours. Technological procedure consists of three segments:

  • Preparation of wheat for milling
  • Milling wheat
  • The sorting processes take place here, with the constant observation in our own laboratory divided in shifts.

  • preparing wheat for milling, milling wheat homogenization, storage, and packaging
    Products are packaged into different packaging units
    and delivery in bulk is also possible.

  • The production of different types of flour, from standard ones to ones for special purpose, such as a consumer semolina and pasta semolina is enabled. By-products of the milling are wheat bran and corn meal.
  • By-products are the Wheat bran
  • Flour silo has a capacity of 800 t.
  • Products are packed in different packaging units and it is bulk deliveries are also possible.

  • Our products are common on the domestic market but also we export our products to the region and worldwide. On the market our flours are mostly in bakeries but our products are also being sold to the domestic and foreign retail chains.
    We recommend our products for different type of production like bread, pastry, cakes it all depends on the customer, and wheat bran is used for production of the feed for animals.


Zitosrem owns a well-equipped laboratory and uses it for its own needs. We control quality of all incoming raw materials, production process and completed products. As a result of these activities, we have a constant and recognizable quality of our products.
If necessary, we cooperate with external accredited laboratories. Analyzes are conducted according to previously planned activities or on demands of our customers.

We monitor our process via the HACCP standard and our FSMS team is responsible for the whole production alongside Evorcert for many years.


Another one of our activities is grain commerce (wholesale and retail).
Competitive prices, stable quality, flexibility in organizing work, and satisfied customers for many years are features of our industry.

Grain commerce is done through planning (negotiating) quantities and qualities of wheat before production, as a warranty for understanding needs of our customers.


Zitosrem offers services of drying, storing and lighterage of grains, under controlled conditions.

Also, we offer services of purchasing raw materials for all subcontractors with the most favorable parities, by organizing production adapted to the selection of grain types, hybrids and mineral fertilizers.